Mayfair Marks delivers a range of relationship-based accountancy and advisory services that are driven by our client focussed commitment to reliance, accessibility, capability & expertise.

Our track record and ongoing commitment to our existing clients and the growth of our network means when we engage with clients, we know we can add-value. Our service offerings include but are not limited to the those described below.


Bookkeeping is often seen as just the routine of recording financial transactions. We help our clients look beyond the mechanics of the process and understand that when they are supported by good bookkeeping practice, they can track revenue and spending and make better decisions from summarised reports.

We focus on accuracy and currency to allow our clients to know how their business is doing and where attention is required.

Asset protection

Mayfair Marks has already built a strong reputation for providing appropriate advice and strategies around asset protection. We maintain currency and ensure our approaches are aligned with changing regulations across all states.

Prudent high net worth individuals and business entities understand the importance of mitigating risk while ensuring they conduct themselves with integrity in their business dealings.


Self-managed super funds allow greater control of assets and investments decisions made with the money made across the span of our working lives. The only reason more Australians don’t use SMSFs is the perception that they are complicated and difficult to manage.

Mayfair Marks has helped demystify the process with many of our clients and helped them better understand how to take control of their future, in the present.

Tax planning

Our clients understand that the importance of structuring personal or business finances more efficiently.

Tax planning means you can better manage your assets, funds, and cash flow to ensure you meet tax obligations and still support business growth and wealth creation.

Mayfair Marks work with our clients to ensure their financial affairs are in order to allow both compliance obligations and personal and business objectives to be met.

Business advisory

We’ve seen it before, working in the business and not on the business. Our experience at Mayfair Marks allows us to help our clients untangle the difference between data and information, and between fact and opinion.

Of course, no one knows your business better than you do but once we get to know you and your business, no one will do a better job of giving the right advice and helping you achieve your financial objectives than us.

Business set up

Each year more than a quarter million new businesses enter the Australian market. We understand that starting a new venture or business relationship can be both rewarding and challenging.

Mayfair Marks draws from our own cross-industry experience, we consult our network of established players in numerous markets and ensure clients, starting out, do it correctly and successfully.

In each specific situation we take the care needed to walk new entrepreneurs and entities, mergers, and acquisitions through the set-up process.

Business mentoring
& Virtual CFO Services

Built into our mission Mayfair Marks makes our commitment to integrity and best practice clear. With that dedication to leadership in the market comes a responsibility to role model the behaviour and professionalism we are already known for.

• We partner with our clients and complement their strategy.

• We offer customised services and advice to add genuine value.

• We are honest and bring capability, knowledge, and joy to our work.

We actively share our expertise in good business and financial practice with our clients. Client networking events and professional development offerings on an opt-in basis are available to the business owners and decision makers we service.

Strategic partnering through an advisory service to senior leadership as well as a structured virtual CFO service can also be discussed with our director and senior practitioners.

Affiliated Partners

At Mayfair Marks we continue to create ongoing opportunities to work with like-minded professionals. Our ongoing work allows us to maintain and nurture a strong and growing network of affiliated businesses and professionals.

More than just accounting and advisory. It’s our ability to draw from people outside our profession where our real power in servicing our clients comes from.
Great partnerships start with finding common ground and in our case, we only work with partners that have clients’ ongoing interest at heart. From there open and transparent communication mean we can draw from a wealth of complimentary expertise.

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